International Art Exhibition: "Intersectionality: Exploring the Multifaceted Identity"

za 8 jun - za 22 jun 14:00 - 16:00
  • Beeldend , Film/Fotografie , Muziek
  • Noordse Bosje1
    1211 BD Hilversum
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Laura Notari is thrilled to announce the next exciting art exhibition titled “Intersectionality: Exploring the Multifaceted Identity"
The exhibition will incorporate elements of fashion and art walkways to showcase how identity is expressed through style and creativity. The concept of “imminent” will be reflected in the urgency of addressing social issues and fostering inclusivity, while “echoes of solitude” will inspire introspective pieces that explore individual experiences within broader societal contexts.
This theme offers a rich and multifaceted exploration of humanity and identity, providing artists with new perspectives and avenues for artistic expression.
Amazing international artists invited:
Hounyeh Kim (Korea) @peacefullaziness
Veronica Mier y Terán (Mexico) @mieryteranfotografie
Aga Krogulec (Poland) @agaak_fashion
Alberto Zarraga (Mexico) @albertozarrag_trovador
Nimrod Hanai (Tanzania) @nimrod_art
Barbara StaƄdo/B.A.S.H.A (Poland) @b._a._s._h._a
Naomi Nahumury Zwart (The Netherlands) @nanahu_gallery_nl
Olesya Kasyanchuk (Ukraine) @olesya_kunst
Sandunga Mexican Handicrafts (Mexico) @sandunga_mexican_handicraft
Laura Notari (Argentina) @lau_notari_artist
TIME: 14:00 – 18:00
LOCATION: Laura Notari Art & Design Studio/Gallery – Noordse Bosje 1, Hilversum – The Netherlands
DURATION: 22nd JUNE 2024
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